About Us

Growing up, I have always been very active and overly conscious of my eating habits. As a young girl, I remember a sermon my uncle gave teaching the importance of health and how things we eat affect our bodies. He looked out at us, and it felt like he looked right into my soul as he said, “stay away from soda-pop and other fizzy drinks.” He continued, “these things will fizz inside you and eat you alive.” I know it’s silly but, after 15 years, I have not drunk soda. Headstrong and ready to explore the world, I made a life-changing decision to join the Army Reserves in 2011 at the young age of 17, determined to make something of myself. I remember a specific exam, one of my first military check-ups. My doctor commented that I was one of the healthiest people he had ever checked out. At the time, that made me proud. I had not realized how that statement would stick with me.

Fast forward to 2014, after giving birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl, I began having dental issues. A gum abscess, to be exact, and it hurt. After researching and calling a few dental offices, I realized two things: the tab for the dental work was not something I would be able to cover, and I had another option, a natural remedy. After swishing and oil pulling with essential oil and coconut oil for three days, the abscess had disappeared, the pain was gone. At that moment, I had discovered a new passion.

Every new herb I discover motivates me to help someone with it. Learning all the amazing properties of these miracles sets my mind into creative gear. Continuing to teach others about herbal medicine and the natural remedies that we know as weeds is my passion, and I will continue to do so starting in my own home. From growing natural and organic herbs, fruits, and veggies to infusing potent herbal oils and powders, my goal is to create sustainable, natural options for when you are ready to take control of your life.

As you can see, nature made me!