Arnica Flower
Arnica Montana


Wild arnica montana

Use this valuable herb to reduce pain, swelling, and bruising from injury and trauma.

Used most commonly homeopathically it’s a great idea to keep the remedy in your herbal first aid kit. Arnica tincture used internally has strong anti-inflammatory action. Higher doses may act as a cardiac ( heart ) tonic ( builds and nourishes) and improve the flow of blood through the coronary vessels.

Take arnica tincture only under supervision of your herbalist as it can be toxic and should always be highly diluted. Ie, a few drops into a cup of water or juice.


  1. Gastric irritation may develop with internal tincture use; high doses may cause intoxication, dizziness, tremors, or collapse. 
  2. Do NOT use it during pregnancy or while nursing.
  3. Do NOT apply to broken skin, it may cause contact dermatitis to sensitive skin. 


Warming and Drying


Analgesic ( pain reliever) , anticoagulant (blood thinner) , vasodilator ( increased blood flow), vulnerary ( wound healing) 

Specific Indications:

Tense pain in the back as if bruised or strained; soreness and muscle pain when moved, feeble respirations

Dosage Forms:

Tincture: 1-5 drops in 8oz of water ; sipped up to 3x a day.

Topical use: Apply infused oil , cream or tincture to unbroken skin as needed,for quick pain relief.

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