Beard Growth Butter




Your guy … that guy… every guy wants a luscious thick beard.

So what’s holding them all back ?

Moisture .. or lack of it that is !

Grow a Longer, Thicker , Healthy beard with our hydrating and restorative – 100% natural beard growth butter.

Crafted with creamy Mango Butter for ultimate moisture plus:

  • Rosemary infusion for growth you can see .. fast
  • Hempseed oil to stop itch and reduce brittle hair
  • Tea Tree oil to fight hair bumps, ingrown hairs and skin infections.

Butter vs Oil?

A hair butter can easily be the right choice for your routine!

Easy to apply with less mess than a runny oil.

Hydrating mango butter seals in moisture, giving that soft feel and shiny look all day long.


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