Easy to Grow Medicinal Herbs, Food is Medicine




This workshop focuses on herbs that are easily grown year-round that pack amazing flavor and even greater health benefits.

In this lesson you will learn…

  • Which soil is easy to handle and suitable for most plant herbs and flowers?
  • Compatibility, planting plans, and pot choices.
  • Ways to use in cooking + nutrition.
  • Benefits, storage and more!

In each session, you will be provided with learning materials that will challenge you to learn more and help you to create a lasting herbal journal of your own.

Each live session will be intimate and personal with no more than ten students, so sign up quickly!

Be prepared to walk, hike, dig, and more; this is herbalism, so we will be outside for some sessions.

Each course will be offered virtual through live zoom or pre-recorded video. If you choose a virtual option, you will get access to the live zoom, options to purchase class materials, and the pre-record is yours to look back on as needed.


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