Elderberry Syrup


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Elder is a potent local shrub with a diverse range of benefits.

Elder flower is great for fevers, flu and cold symptoms. Mix with Yarrow and Peppermint to help reduce fevers quick.

Elderberry is full of potent antiviral , anti bacterial and antioxidant energy. The juice of the berries is where all this goodness lies. Elderberry syrup is a great care choice and has powerful immune system stimulators in time of acute illness.

Hand crafted in small batches with local elderberries. This immune system boosting super fruit is packed with nutrients and vitamins to help get you better when you’re not feeling your best.

  • Rosehips give a boost of Vitamin C.
  • Licorice Root to fight phlegm and soothe the lungs.
  • Ashwaganda help your body adapt to stress and triggers for a smooth healing process.
  • This blend of berries, roots and barks blended with natural raw honey and organic agave for babies and children.

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Original $20, CBD $35, Glycerite $20, Baby Safe $20


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