Fruity Tutti Tea



The search for the perfect “healthy” energy drink is over ! Fruity Tutti Tea is an energizing multivitamin blend that can be used to keep energy levels high all throughout the day.

With its deep rich fruity flavor we like to call this one the “fruit punch ” of herbal teas. What’s the best thing about it aside from tasting great , being a stress free energy drink replacement, and full of whole herbs and fruits ? It’s actually really good for your body.

With herbs like Alfalfa leaf and Oatstraw to provide a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals back into the body. Vitamin C rich Rose Hip and Lemon Peel. This is an easy go to drink.

A tasty and refreshing loose herb and fruit blend of:


  • Lemon Balm
  • Orange
  • Hibiscus
  • Cherry
  • Lemon Verbena


Full of Vitamin C and natural antioxidants this tea may help to:


  • Energize the body for a get up and go feeling! Great for morning time.
  • Provide the body with essential vitamins and nutrients needed day to day.
  • Put you in an amazing mood to help you feel like you can tackle anything!
  • Naturally sweetened with whole dried fruits for your convenience, this is a natural sweet tea

Enjoy hot or cold !


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