High C

High C




We hear it all the time...Make sure you’re getting your vitamins. Vitamin C is really good for you !

But why is that ?

Well .. for starters it’s important that we are consuming vitamin C, because our body does not produce it on its own. Being that Vitamin C is essential for our bodies and overall health like

  • heart and blood (cardiovascular system)
  • eye health
  • and the one we hear all the time…immune system

It brings my herbalist heart joy to share from my family to yours High C a  Vitamin C rich blend, made with clean whole herbs  in a convenient dropper bottle dosage form.

  • Rose Hip
  • Cinnamon
  • Hibiscus
  • Orange

Glycerites are an effective and gentler form of herbal medicine. Traditionally crafted  with plant-based glycerin and fresh or dried herbs.

Great whole herb alternative for those who want to add herbs into the routine in a quick and easy way. 

Awesome for children under 1 and anyone who wants to stay away from stronger alcohol based remedies.

Perfect to add into your favorite, herbal tea or take by the drop under the tongue.


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