Respiratory Relief Syrup

Respiratory Relief Syrup




As the weather cools off the inevitable seems to happen every year. First a sniffle , followed by cough. The struggle to breath through all the phlegm and mucus built up in the chest is slowly winning the battle.

Not this year ! You are a proactive and preventative being who is mindful of your body and in-tune with your families needs( or at least we all strive to be ☺️ ) .

Sooo what’s the solution this year .. that’s simple. It’s actually been here all along .. HERBS !

Incorporating mucus busting , lung clearing , and feel better herbs makes for a warm , toasty and healthy winter season.

Respiratory Relief Syrup will stop rsv like symptoms and other lung irritants in its tracks with super simple dosing of one tablespoon at the initial start and then a teaspoon a day as a preventative.

Powerful body nourishing herbs like

  • Mullein
  • Osha Root
  • Hyssop
  • Lobelia
  • Orange

Work together to beat mucus and get you breathing freely.


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